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Design Pattern: Data Access Object (DAO) and Open Source Persistence Frameworks

Why DAO?

  - To decouple the Persistence storage from the rest of the application
  - Provide uniform data access API for various types of data sources (RDBMS, LDAP,OODB,XML Repositories, flat filtes etc.,
  - For easy maintainability and portability by encapsulating the data access logic.

Open Source Persistence Frameworks using DAO:
  • Hibernate DAO (Powerful high performance Object/Relational Persistence)
  • Spring DAO
  • Standard Java DAO
  • Ruby (mysql-ruby library)
  • iBatis DAO
  • greenDAO (Android ORM for SQLite)
  • FireStorm/DAO
  • ObjectRelationalBridge(OJB)
  • Torque
  • Castor (Data binding Framework)
  • Cayenne (Open source comes with modeling GUI Tool)
  • TriActive JDO(TJDO) (Implements Sun's JDO Specification)
  • Jaxor (Code Generator)
  • JDBM (Transactional Persistence Engine)
  • pBeans
  • SimpleORM
  • Prevayler
  • Java Ulta-Lite Persistence
  • JPOX
  • Speedo
  • XORM
  • Ammentos
  • JGrinder
  • Apache OpenJPA
  • jPersist
  • EclipseLink
  • JOOQ

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