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Dependency Injection using Javax.Inject

public class Car {
     // Injectable constructor
     @Inject public Car(Engine engine) { ... }

     // Injectable field
     @Inject private Provider seatProvider;

     // Injectable package-private method
     @Inject void install(Windshield windshield, Trunk trunk) { ... }
A method annotated with @Inject that overrides another method annotated with @Inject will only be injected once per injection request per instance. A method with no@Inject annotation that overrides a method annotated with @Inject will not be injected.
Injection of members annotated with @Inject is required. While an injectable member may use any accessibility modifier (including private), platform or injector limitations (like security restrictions or lack of reflection support) might preclude injection of non-public members.

Inject (Java EE 6 ):

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