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Java EE 5 SDK & Java Application Platform SDK Key Benefits

Java EE 5 SDK & Java Application Platform SDK Key Benefits
First robust, commercial, compatible Java EE 5 implementation
Ease of development with major revamp of programming model
EJB 3.0 support for POJOs means less to learn, less to code, and less to maintain
New Java Persistence API makes object-relational mapping cleaner and easier
New and updated web services (JAX-WS 2.0 and JAXB 2.0) simplifies SOA implementation
JavaServer Faces 1.2 facilitates building Web 2.0 applications with AJAX
Higher throughput, faster response time and improved management features to streamline deployment
30 percent faster startup time with 30 percent less memory
Web services performance increased by up to 5 times
Improved Web services management
Integrated with NetBeans to provide a visual SOA development and deployment environment
Integrated composite application support through JBI and BPEL
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Listen to this article

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